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  1. Mass Effect 2. Due to varying circumstances, in Mass Effect 2 Liara can initially only be interacted with on Ilium, and because of events before the game, she's currently very pre-occupied with.
  2. Die Asari Dr. Liara T'Soni ist nicht nur promovierte Archäo und Informationsmaklerin, sondern ebenfalls eine mächtige Biotikerin, was sie zu einer wertvollen Verbündeten für Commander Shepard macht. Geboren im Jahre 2077, ist sie zur Zeit von Mass Effect erst 106 Jahre alt, nac
  3. Im Mass Effect 3 DLC Citadel könnt ihr Samara küssen, falls ihr euch in Mass Effect 2 um eine Romanze bemüht habt. Liara . Nein, keine Erscheinung. Dank Shadow-Broker-DLC kann eure Romanze zu.
  4. Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 3. Ashley Williams. Ashley ist die Standardromanze für männliche Shepards. Wenn ihr mit niemandem eine Beziehung eingeht, besucht sie euch automatisch in eurer Kabine. Versucht ihr euch jedoch an Ashley und Liara ran zu machen, konfrontieren euch beide und ihr müsst euch für Ashley entscheiden. -
  5. In Mass Effect 2 könnt ihr eure Romanze mit Liara fortsetzen. Das geht aber nur während des DLC Shadow Broker und auch nur, wenn im Vorgänger eine Beziehung bestand. Ist dies der Fall, sind Shepard und Liara noch ein Paar und Küssen sich auch. Zudem solltet ihr Liara natürlich helfen. Sie wird es euch in Mass Effect 3 danken

RELATED: Mass Effect 2: How to Romance Miranda. In Mass Effect 2, Shepard will have a chance at romancing characters that weren't available in the first game, such as Garrus and Tali, as well as. I can't deal with Liara, so I never romance her and don't get these, but man, hearing the Thane one in a compilation cuts deep. The rest seem mildly salty but she seems genuinely mad about Thane. 10. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 2. Op · 3d. I actually romance Ashley in ME1, the only reason I saw this was an accidental liara romance. 2. Reply. Share. Report Save. Continue this thread level. Mar 17, 2015 @ 8:42am. Only if you have Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC and only if you have romanced her in Mass Effect 1 and imported your save into Mass Effect 2. Liara's a romance option for both male and female Shepard. #1. AquariousHumor. View Profile View Posts This page of IGN's Mass Effect guide is all about How to Romance Liara T'Soni in the original Mass Effect, including how to successfully initiate an Hallo zusammen, wollte nur mal nachfragen ob ihr wisst wie es ist wenn man Mass Effect 2 spielt ohne vorher den ersten Teil gespielt zu haben, so hat man ja z.B auch keine Romanze im 1. Teil gehabt welche sich auf Mass Effect 2 auswirkt. Kommen dann z.B beide Ashley und Liara im 2ten Teil vor? Außerdem hat man ja nun auch im 1

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Liara's romance is unique, being the only one that carries across all three games, though most of the arc in Mass Effect 2 only takes place in the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. Of the three romances available in the very first entry to the trilogy, Liara is the only alien and the only option available to both a male and female Shepard Mass Effect 2: Romance and Kelly and Liara. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 10 months ago. Active 7 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 12k times 5 I've been playing (and loving) Mass Effect 2 as Femshep, and I just finished the excellent Shadow Broker DLC. Here's my problem: I romanced Liara in ME1, but in ME2 she wasn't around, so I started having fun with Kelly. We've been flirty, and had dinner, and.

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All dialogues with Liara T'Soni. Including those in ME2 and Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. No mods. Full HD For Mass Effect Legendary Edition on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Romance: Miranda or Liara (after suicide mission, before LotSB/ME3) Since Liara's romance in Mass Effect 2 was originally only available with optional Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC, that did not count towards the Paramour achievement I'm afraid. No changes to that were made in the Legendary Edition, so you'd need to complete a romance with a different character for this particular achievement Liara just isn't a party member or a person that it counts for. The easiest way to get Paramour II, while staying true to your ME1 romance, is to save before you have a conversation that locks in a romance with the squad mate of your choice in ME2. If it's the conversation where you lock in a romance, reload your save and avoid having that conversation with that person until the mission before.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Paramour 2 achievement is not working or unlocking for some, especially if your romance options include Liara. She is a Possible romantic interest for both Male & Female Shepard from Mass Effect 1. This makes her one of the fan favorites. However, rekindling your relationship with Liara in the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC will not gain the Paramour achievement. you can romance liara in ME1 then kelly in ME2 then liara again in ME3, or any combo of that. if you've got two romances by the time you start ME3, you can talk to both and tell one you just want. In der Mass Effect Legendary Edition könnt ihr über alle drei Spiele hinweg 17 Charaktere daten. Wir erklären euch, wie es mit den Romanzen klappt

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  1. Anna Paragon Liara Romance For Mass Effect 3. Each file is finished and complete DLC Including for Mass effect 3 or New Game + Ashley Is Still Alive You can also see the Mission log of Mass Effect 1 And you can see their whole passionate romance in the pictures!! And If you don't want Spoilers For Mass Effect 2 Then I definitely wouldn't look at The picture's ;) Or Read further than Profile.
  2. Als ich das erste Mal Mass Effect 2 auf meiner PS3 spielte, wünschte ich mir nichts sehnlicher als eine Romanze mit Tali. Die Quarianerin hatte es mir mit ihrer Entschlossenheit, Intelligenz und.
  3. How To Romance Liara. This page contains all the information you need on how to begin, and keep, a romance with Liara T'Soni. Speak with Liara on Illium to begin the relationship. Before you pursue this relationship with Liara, you'll wont make sure you're loyal, which means you cannot romance anyone else in Mass Effect 2

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  1. Hallo zusammen, wie der Name schon sagt, kann ich in Mass effect 2 die Romanze mit Liara nicht fortführen. Ich habe den spielstand aus Mass effect 1 importiert (da hatte ich was mit Liara), habe den DLC Lair of the Shadow Broker gespielt. Und jetzt habe ich sie eingeladen zu mir...wir quatschen ca ne Minute miteinander, dann sagt sie sie muß zurück und das ich doch mal wiederkommen soll
  2. Hinweis: Falls ihr im zweiten und dritten Teil von Mass Effect eine Romanze mit Liara haben wollt, müsst ihr die Beziehung in Mass Effect beginnen, ansonsten könnt ihr in den weiteren Teilen keine romantische Beziehung mit ihr eingehen. Es gibt keine Voraussetzung in Bezug auf das Geschlecht von eurem Commander Shepard. Ihr könnt mit Liara sowohl eine hetero- sowie homosexuelle Beziehung.
  3. Liara may have a soft spot for you as regardless of who you choose to be within Mass effect 1 or 2, you will still be able to woo her into romancing you. That is given the fact that you are able to save her in mass effect 2. She will, however, at some point express a tinge of jealousy if you were in a relationship with someone else in Mass Effect 2. After Priority: The Citadel, you will be.
  4. Ein Kumpel sitzt gerade bei mir, will ME3 mit seiner FemShep starten und seine Liara-Romanze aus ME1 und ME2 darin auch fortsetzen. Bei der Zusammenfassung der Leistungen (beim Erstellen des ME3-Spielstands, Rachni-Königin gerettet usw.) steht aber Er hatte aber eben noch den Shadow Broker DLC gespielt und Liara auch verknuspert. Ist das also normal dass das dort so steht
  5. Yes, Liara is considered as canon romance because she always involve on every storyline than other characters like Leliana in DA who are both Creator's Pet. 05:05, August 20, 2014 (UTC) Pretty sure it was Morrigan who was the 'canon' choice in DA: Origins seeing as she got the post main game DLC
  6. ed with my storyline that I planned out. Previously in my canon, Shepard chose to stay friends with Liara to pursue Miranda. I stuck with Miranda on my first playthrough but it was not easy. Early.
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  1. Hi guys, I've got a question about the romance story line in Mass Effect 2 after the LotSB DLC has been released. Now that I am replaying ME1/2/3 I have again opted to romance Liara and in ME2 I have invited her over to my place after completing LotSB and told her we were still in a relationship and that she had better not have banged that nasty drellboy she wanted to rescue
  2. In Mass Effect 2, does romancing Liara and someone else follow through to Mass Effect 3? (Sorry if this has already been asked) So I'm making another playthrough of all 3 games. Having a grand 'ol time, and I finally decided to download The Shadow Broker pack. In 1, I romanced Liara, since many people said that her character is the most interesting spanning throughout all 3 games. So in 2.
  3. I just got the games and I wondered if it's possible for a male Shepherd to romance Liara. If so is the a special thing I have to do or a certain place to start

Mass Effect 2 Liara romance. Shepard: Either. Must have romanced during original Mass Effect. Must choose to remain friends or re-commit to each other. Can still romance other characters before. RENEGADE Regina LIARA Romance AND YOU DECIDE for Mass effect 2 Or A NewGame; RENEGADE Regina LIARA Romance AND YOU DECIDE for Mass effect 2 Or A NewGame. Endorsements. 4. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views -- Version. 1.02. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Last updated 27 July 2020 12:17PM. Original upload 27 July 2020 12:17PM. Created by MARIJNDAIVEY . Uploaded by MARIJNDAIVEY. So in the new dlc bioware said that you could continue your romance with liara from the first mass effect which formed a lot of questions like: Did you have to have a relationship with liara in.

Mass Effect 1 Romance to Mass Effect 2. Players can Import a Commander Shepard that has a love interest from the original Mass Effect, and that relationship will continue on in Mass Effect 2. Even thou it's not posible to break up with a love interest from Mass Effect 1, Shepard can still choose to pursue an additional romance interest with a Mass Effect 2 character. There won't be romantic. In this amazing franchise you will can romance few characters and if you do you will get achievement for it..if you want to get the game 100 % here is a guide about how to unlock the paramour achievement in Mass Effect 2 if you romanced Female Shepard-Liara or Kaidan (Ashley with mods) and Male Shepard-Ashley or Liara (Kaidan with Mods). These 3 characters are the only ones that you will be. Mass effect 2 liara romance guide EA With the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, fans can play all three games in the beloved BioWare sci-fi trilogy. Throughout the course of the Commander Shepard trilogy, you'll develop relationships with the various characters you'll come across. These are known commonly as Romance options.The cool thing about the Mass Effect trilogy is that the.

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Mass Effect Liara Romance Guide: Here's How To Start A Human Relationship With Liara Mass Effect Liara Romance guide is a popular term searched by the gamers . So we have listed all the information about the same. Read more about Mass Effect. Written By. Sahil Mirani . IMAGE: MASS EFFECT TWITTER. Makers of Mass effect have added a number of characters to romance within the game. Because of. Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition - Liara Romance - Suicide Mission - Shepard - 8K UHD - Kazuliski 1.5M ratings 277k rating Mass Effect 2 gives Shepards of each gender a variety of options to romance in the game. There are a total of 12 relationships that you can have in the game, with a number of side relationships. Romance Guide for Liara T'Soni in Mass Effect 3 features a guide on how to romance and have a relationship with Liara T'Soni.Romance in Mass Effect 3 helps the players develop a romantic relationship with their desired Companion or NPC.Players will get a chance to interact with them, creating a deeper and meaningful relationship

In Mass Effect 1, you'll have some human options, as well as a non-human possibility: Liara T'Soni. You can romance Liara whether you're playing as a male or female Shepard, and it's actually. Appearances: Mass Effect 2 & Mass Effect 3. There are many reasons that Jack should be considered the best romance in the Mass Effect franchise. For one, she offers perhaps the most fulfilling. Mass Effect's romances feel complex and realistic, but that is almost entirely down to the fantastic writing involved in them. The actual mechanics are fairly simple - you go and speak to the character you want to romance, be nice to them, possibly do a mission for them, then lock in. There is some nuance to it; you can sleep with Jack almost instantly, but if you do, she'll never trust you. Mass Effect Romance guide: romance options for ME1, 2 & 3. by Alex Donaldson on 15 May, 2021. While the Mass Effect Trilogy is ultimately all about saving the galaxy from a race of deadly.

Mass Effect 2 Romance - Morinth. (Image credit: EA) Other romance option for Male or Female Shepard - this does not impact on your main romance choice. Morinth is an asari afflicted with a rare. Mass Effect 3 Liara romance. If Shepard romanced Liara in ME1, after the Council meeting Liara will ask if they are still interested, and whether Shepard is willing to break up with their ME2. -Saved Kaidan-Romance Liara-Wrex survived Virmire-Have both char files for council-Saved the Rachni Queen-Treat Conrad Verner nicely-Completed the Asari Diplomacy Saved cloned Asari Hepled Parasini Helena Blake retaired Thanks to Nerevar17 for sending in this Shepard! Name : John Shepard: Date Added : 2010-02-21 23:10:36: Gender / Alignment: Male Paragon : Level / Class: 60 Adept : Background. Mass Effect 2. Les choses deviennent plus compliquées dans ce second épisode. Si vous continuez l'aventure avec la même sauvegarde que Mass Effect 1, votre romance sera importée et préservée Anna Paragon Liara Romance For Mass Effect 3. Each file is finished and complete DLC Including for Mass effect 3 or New Game + Ashley Is Still Alive You can also see the Mission log of Mass Effect 1 And you can see their whole passionate romance in the pictures!!! And If you don't want Spoilers For Mass Effect 2 Then I definitely wouldn't look at The picture's ;) Or Read further than Profile.

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In Mass Effect 2, he is a romance option for FemShep, even though Jacob showed no interest at first. FemShep does the talking, and Jacob will soon take a keen interest in her. He feels brave enough to make a move. RELATED: Mass Effect: The 10 Characters Who Have Suffered the Most. This romance starts off well, but it is soured in Mass Effect 3 when Jacob becomes involved with a certain Dr. Her romance in Mass Effect 3 leaves much to be desired. Perhaps it is due to her being non-existent in Mass Effect 2, save for an icy encounter on Horizon. But, even if she had been romanced in. Illium: Liara: Systems Hacking is an Optional Mission in Mass Effect 2.In Illium: Liara: Systems Hacking you meet your former teammate when you land on Illium for the first time. Optional Missions are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional. Mass Effect 2: Illium: Liara T'Soni - walkthrough Mass Effect 2 guide, walkthrough. 0. Post Comment. 5. 6. Next Main quests Dossier: The Justicar Prev Main quests Collector Ship. Received from: automatically after arriving on the surface of planet Illium [Illium - Nos Astra] Tasale) and started exploring an area called [Illium - Nos Astra] - Walkthrough - Illium: Liara TSoni - Main quests. Mass Effect 2 offers a ton of romance options for both Male and Female Shepard. Here are all the characters you can romance and a guide on how to do it

Romanzen. Beziehungskisten. Auch in ‚Mass Effect 3' erhält Shepard wieder zahlreiche Gelegenheiten, mit bestimmten Mitgliedern der Normandy-Crew eine intime Beziehung aufzubauen. Für eine neue oder aufgewärmte Romanze kommen insgesamt zehn Crew-Mitglieder infrage. Je nach gespielten männlichen oder weiblichen Shepard sowie mit oder ohne. I've heard of people saving before you romance whoever in ME1, and just loading up that save and doing it a 2nd and 3rd time to get all 3 paramour achievements. Same goes for the insanity difficulty too. Seems super broken IMO. Message 6 of 27 (2,618 Views) Reply. 1 Re: Mass effect legendary paramour 2 achievement. Options. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Get shareable. Hallo ich möchte jetzt ein Mass Effect Durchlauf machen und dabei im ersten Teil keine Romanze eingehen, da ich erst in Teil 2 mit Miranda eine eingehen will. Aber leider hab ich bis jetzt jedesmal automatisch eine Romanze gehabt selgxt wenn ich keine Romanzen Dialog Optionen benutzt habe. Ich kenne auch die Möglichkeit, dass wenn ein Partner fragt ob man interessiert ist Nein sagen kann

Mass Effect is known for being pretty progressive when it comes to romance options, but its sequel Mass Effect 2 could've been more inclusive, if not for one infamous Fox News segment Mass Effect: How to Romance Liara T'Soni. There is only one squadmate in Mass Effect who can be romanced by either male or female Commander Shepard across the entire trilogy: Liara T'Soni. Across the Mass Effect trilogy, Commander Shepard has plenty of opportunities to find love, but maintaining that relationship between games isn't always easy Continuing your romance with Liara in Mass Effect 2 may seem almost impossible if you don't know what you're doing. It is a lot easier to romance a different character but if you play the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC it's a lot easier to ensure that your romance with Liara extends to Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 2 PC Xbox 360 brighthub.com

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Mass Effect. (Bioware) Mass Effect 2. Here the series begins to open up with more options for both male and female Shepard, even if there are still, disappointingly, no same-sex options Mass Effect Legendary Edition Romance Options for Male Shepard. If you chose the male version of Shepard, you could choose among these romance options, depending on which game from the Mass Effect trilogy you are playing. Mass Effect - Liara, Ashley Williams; Mass Effect 2 - Miranda Lawson, Jack, Tali, Kelly Chambers, Samara, Morinth (although she will only live shortly) Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect Canon Romance. Who did your Shepard romance? It's a complex question as we have three different games to deal with. In ME1, we only had Liara, Ashley, and Kaidan to consider. But ME2 and ME3 really gave us so many possible love interests to choose from. So I wanna know how your canon Shepard chose to navigate the field of romance. My canon romances differ depending on whether my. The romance options for female Shepard in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition are as follows: Mass Effect: Kaiden Alenko. Liara. Again, there is a moment where you will have to make a final choice.

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AW: News - Mass Effect 2: DLC Lair of the Shadow Broker erhältlich Ich find es auch einen toll gemachten, stimmungsvollen DLC. Vor allem die Sache mit der Fortführung der Romanze mit Liara war. Romance Guide for Mass Effect 3 helps the players develop a romantic relationship with their desired Companion.Players will get a chance to interact with them, creating a deeper and meaningful relationship. Romance in Mass Effect 3 is quite unique compared to its previous title, Mass Effect 2, since (depending on your progress in ME2, such as who lives or survives) most of the potential.

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Liara's not the best-written romance in Mass Effect, but you have to have your head stuck in a bucket to avoid getting involved with her (seriously, the conversation choices happen almost by. Like Kaidan, he suffers from beige syndrome and he's not a particularly popular character in Mass Effect 2 anyway. Couple this with the fact that he actually cheats on Shepard and you can guess my feelings on this romance. As a character, he's cool, calm, and collected. He's described by Liara as 'solid and stable' and he doesn't initially see Shepard as a romantic interest because. You can romance Liara in Mass Effect 3. The Asari archaeologist has been busy between games. If you missed the Shadow Broker DLC for ME2, youll soon found out that Liara has become the new Shadow Broker, and has control over that massive information network. She is matured in an ugly and mysterious world, but she makes a powerful ally and a good friend. See if you can become more than friends.

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When you make your way over toe Illium in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition, you'll be running into an old friend, Liara. She's changed quite a bit from when you initially found her in Mass. Liara is the default romance of the video game trilogy Mass Effect, meaning that she a) always loves Shepard no matter what and b) can't die and c) is always assumed to be loved by Shepard in return, whether as a friend or something more.. This was understandably irritating to most fans, who would rather have had their favorite romance comfort Shepard during an emotional crisis, not Liara for. In this Mass Effect Companion Romance guide, we'll get you up to speed with the romance system of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, including how it works and how to romance each character in the. NON-CANON SAME SEX ROMANCE GUIDE FOR MASS EFFECT 2 AND EDITING HEADMORPHS WITH GIBBED'S SAVE EDITOR So you. 9 Apr 2012 - 46 sec - Uploaded by Hikaru KumaUsing Gibbed Save Mass Effect 3 editor to fix Liara romance LotSB bug. Hikaru Kuma. I romanced Ashley in ME1 and Miranda in ME2. I want to play ME3 romancing Liara, but I don't have the time to replay both the earlier games.. Firstly.

Mass Effect 3 Multiple Romance Mod. She can now be professional, flirty, or committed. When committed, she expects the same of Shepard; she's now a real love interest. She also has less 'appearance amnesia', and a slightly more adept stylist.LIARA, is much less aggressive, and only gets one 'date' unless romanced 1 Romanzen und potentielle Partner im Überblick - Mass Effect: Andromeda. 1.1 Romanzen eingehen leicht gemacht. 1.2 Partner für Scott und Sara Ryder. 1.3 Eine Romanze mit Cora Harper eingehen. 1.

In Mass Effect 3 wird es doch neue Liebschaften für Shepard geben. Das bestätigte der Bioware-Prouzent Casey Hudson per Twitter Mass Effect's Dr. Liara T'Soni is canonically one of the sexiest beings in the entire series.BioWare introduces a wealth of alien species in this spacefaring video game, among them the Asari. A retelling of Mass Effect 2 with some structural changes to smooth out the narrative. The Council especially, but also the Illusive Man, the Alliance, and the racial governments make a lot more reasonable decisions. This is a rewrite of a previous effort to write ME2 that flamed out because of the compounding narrative problems from the base game. FShep. Rated: T - English - Chapters: 4. Mass Effect 2 is somewhere in the top 10 of best computer games in many sites. Mass Effect 3 was widely panned because of the several things and especially the ending. However, with the mods I will tell you about, I now consider Mass Effect 3 to be as good or better than Mass Effect 2. With the DLCs and the mods I added, the game now seems almost new. You will note below that I did not use. Komplettlösung Mass Effect 2: Prolog: Jokers Rettung, Prolog: Das Erwachen, Freedoms Progress, Omega Station: Professor Mordin, Omega Station: Archangel

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UpUpAway. #2. Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:49 pm. Friendzoning Liara during ME2 (LOTSB) definitely doesn't preclude romancing her in ME3. However, I'm really not sure about the consequences of friendzoning her early in ME3 since I really haven't done a playthrough where I have romanced Liara in ME1 where I haven't offered to rekindle the relationship. Einzigartige Mass Effect Liara Sticker mit einzigartigen Motiven. Designt und verkauft von unabhäng..

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Female Shepard (Mass Effect) Liara T'Soni; Tali'Zorah nar Rayya; Jeff Joker Moreau; EDI (Mass Effect) Nihlus Kryik; Slow Build; Xenophilia; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Mass Effect 1 ; Mass Effect 2; Mass Effect 3; Angst; Fluff; Eventual Smut; Mass Effect Kink Meme; Romance; Time Travel; Weird Plot Shit; Sorry Not Sorry; Summary. There is no such thing as a second chance, not with. In Mass Effect 2 Liara was off brokering so I kinda fell for the rebel with a loving soul Jack. Question: Are my romance options limited because I cheated on Liara? Or is there an opportunity to rekindle my first relationship. Bonus Joke Question: Will Jack kill me? ;) tiddy tiddy. 4,037 7 7 gold badges 27 27 silver badges 42 42 bronze badges. 2 Answers. While it will take effort, it will. Download File PDF Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide Liara facts and statistics, such as salary information, employment data, and match statistics. Focuses on all the major specialties and features firsthand portrayals of each by current residents

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Fanstory zu Mass Effect Andromeda. (Jason) Ryder & Reyes Vidal, Slash. Kein Stand Alone. Es ist ein reines Zusatz-Feature für Leute, welche die Story von Mass Effect Andromeda durchgespielt haben. Die Geschichte ist nicht für sich allein lesbar und greift in erster Linie die Emotionen beider Personen auf, die in dem Spiel auch ein m/m Pairing sein können Mass Effect 2; Mass Effect 1; Mass Effect 3: Citadel; Pre-Mass Effect 1; Summary. It's been 11 years since the Crucible was fired in the final moments of that most desperate of battles above a burning Earth. A 'phased-spectrum tightbeam dark-matter pulse,' was the official description; a mass-relay-driven energy burst that destroyed the Reaper control signal and the Sovereign-class Reapers.

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Mass Effect 2 Romance options for Female Shepard Garrus Vakarian Jacob Taylor Thane Krios Liara T'Soni (Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC) . Mass Effect 2: Every Romance Option, Ranked 6 Jacob Taylor 5 Thane Krios 4 Tali'Zorah vas Neema 3 Garrus Vakarian 2 Jack 1 Miranda. 15 lustige Hochzeitssketche book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Die Hochzeit ist ein Tag, den alle.

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